BBC Annual Meeting 2019

BBC Annual Meeting 2019
Personalized breast cancer treatments 4

Registration: Closed (you may contact Xiomara Banholzer for late regsitration information)
Key information

– Meeting date: November 14-15, 2019
– Location: Hörsaal 2, Klinikum I, Spitalstrasse 21, University Hospital, Basel.
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Thursday 14th of November 2019

14.00 – Session 1: Session 1: BC Prevention and risk management (Chair: Cinzia Donato and Ana Correia)

  • Basic: Rob Clarke, The University of Manchester: Strategies to reduce increased luminal progenitor proliferation in high risk human breast
  • Clinic: Linda Sofie Lindström, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm: The importance of tumor characteristics and benefit from treatment on the long-term risk of fatal breast cancer
  • Industry: Martin Kriegel, Roche, Basel: Host-Microbiota Homeostasis & Cancer

15.30: Coffee break & Poster session

16.00-16.30: Speed posters: presentation of 10 posters

16.30 – Session 2: BC Comparative and modern pathology (Chair: Simone Muenst and Atul Sethi)

  • Basic: Raza Ali, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, Zurich: Spatial and phenotypic diversity of the breast tumour immune microenvironment
  • Clinic: Hege G. Russnes, Oslo University Hospital: Implementing molecular subtypes in routine breast cancer diagnostics – implications for treatment decision and research opportunities
  • Industry: Pierre Moulin, Novartis, Basel: HistoNet : A deep learning-based
    holistic model of histology enabling pathology data mining

18.00-18.30: Round table discussion related to Session 1 & 2 (Chair: Christoph Rochlitz, Nicola Aceto and speakers from Session 1 & 2 )

19.00-21.30: Apéro, dinner and poster session (4 best posters will be selected for a BBC award)

Friday 14th of November 2019

9.00 – Session 3: Modelling BC and drug screening (Chair: Maren Diepenbruck and Marcus Vetter)

  • Basic: Bogdan-Tiberius Preca, DBM, Basel: Personalized Drug Screening
    for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Clinic: Arianna Calcinotto, Institute of Oncology Research, Bellinzona Targeting tumor-infiltrating myeloid cells for breast cancer therapy
  • Industry: Tijmen Booij, ETH Zurich: High-throughput drug screening with advanced cell-based assays

10.30: Coffee break & Poster session

11.00-11.20: Round table discussion related to Session 3 (Chair: Maren Diepenbruck, Christian Kurzeder and speakers from Session 3)

11.30-11.50: Talk by a BBC and OPBC patient advocate: Jane Shaw: The benefits of being patient with patients….. and patients being patient with us! (Chair: W. Weber)

11.50-12.00: BBC awards

12.00-13.00: Keynote lecture: Carlos Caldas, University of Cambridge: Breast cancer what have we learned in 10 years(Chair: M. Bentires-Alj)

13.00: Departure