Anoek Zomer

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University of Lausanne / Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
+41 21 692 59 35
Tumor microenvironment Therapy response Intravital microscopy Breast tumors Brain tumors Extracellular vesicles (Cancer) stem cells Plasticity
Scheele CLGJ, Hannezo E, Muraro MJ, Zomer A, Langedijk NSM, van Oudenaarden A, Simons BD, van Rheenen J. Identity and dynamics of mammary stem cells during branching morphogenesis. Nature, 2017, 542: 313-317 Zomer A, van Rheenen J. Implications of extracellular vesicle transfer on cellular heterogeneity in cancer; what are the potential clinical ramifications? Cancer Research, 2016, 76: 2071-2075 Zomer A*, Steenbeek SC*, Maynard C, van Rheenen J. Studying extracellular vesicle transfer by a Cre-LoxP method. Nature Protocols, 2015, 11: 87-101 Zomer A, Maynard C, Verweij FJ, Kamermans A, Schäfer R, Beerling E, Schiffelers RM, de Wit E, Berenguer J, Ellenbroek SIJ, Wurdinger T, Pegtel DM, van Rheenen J. In vivo imaging reveals extracellular vesicle-mediated phenocopying of metastatic behavior. Cell, 2015, 161: 1046-1056 Ritsma L, Ellenbroek SIJ, Zomer A, Snippert HJ, de Sauvage FJ, Simons BD, Clevers H, van Rheenen J. Intestinal crypt homeostasis revealed at single-stem-cell level by in vivo live imaging. Nature, 2014, 507: 362-365 Zomer A, Ellenbroek SIJ, Ritsma L, Beerling E, Vrisekoop N, van Rheenen J. Intravital imaging of cancer stem cell plasticity in mammary tumors. Stem Cells, 2013, 31: 602-606 Ritsma L, Steller EJ, Beerling E, Loomans CJ, Zomer A, Gerlach C, Vrisekoop N, Seinstra D, van Gurp L, Schäfer R, Raats DA, de Graaff A, Schumacher TN, de Koning EJ, Rinkes IH, Kranenburg O, van Rheenen J. Intravital microscopy through an abdominal imaging window reveals a pre-micrometastasis stage during liver metastasis. Science Translational Medicine, 2012, 4 Zomer A*, Beerling E*, Vlug EJ, van Rheenen J. Real-time intravital imaging of cancer models. Clinical and Translational Oncology, 2011, 13: 848-854