Please communicate your new publications and awards in the fields of breast development and cancer to M. Bentires-Alj.

  • September 23 2022: Dr. med. Walter Weber and the TAXIS study receives the International Hologic Award » More information
  • June 3 2021:  Ana Luísa Correia (Bentires lab) & collaborators identify the interplay of hepatic stellate cells and NK cells as a master switch of cancer dormancy in her Nature publication » More information
  • November 6 2020: Prof. Bentires-Alj receives the Max Cloëtta award from the Max Cloëtta foundation. » More information
  • January  27 2020:  Prof. Dr. med. Walter Weber receives the Annemarie Karrasch Research Award from the Propatient Foundation. » More information
  • June 27 2019: The team of Dr. Santamaria from the University of Fribourg (CH) published on the influence of TGFBR1 inhibition on tumor and metastasis initiating capacity of breast cancer stem cells. » See article

  • February 15 2018: Walter Weber wins the Claudia von Schilling Award 2017 for his pioneering work in the field of oncoplastic surgery
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The price money of 20.000,00 € will be used to fund the first consensus conference of the oncoplastic breast consortium with 40 top experts from 15 countries at the University Hospital Basel on March 15
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  • August 15 2017: Full house again at today’s BBC special lecture by Monica Morrow from MSKCC
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  • February 2 2017: Based on the success of the tricycle seminars, the BBC coordinators decided to extend the format to include the following:
  1. BBC Tricycle seminars at ZLF: remain unchanged. Three 15min talks from basic research, clinical practice or research and industry followed by a 15min discussion of all three talks.
  2. BBC Special lecture series at ZLF: Invited speakers with international reputation, 45 min talk, 15min discussion. The first special lecture was held on 24 Jan 2017 by Prof. Christoph Klein. The pictures below show the successful start with Momo Bentires introducing the new formats before the actual talk.
  3. BBC Project talks at ZLF. Two groups from basic or clinical research are invited to discuss their projects, 30 min each. The topics will not be announced before the meeting, only the speakers will be informed. The first project talk is scheduled for 14 Feb 2017.
  4. BBC annual meeting in the hospital. The first annual BBC meeting with about 80 participants and 30 posters took place on November 17-18, 2016. Please click here to see the pictures     

  • September 27 2016: Congratulations to BBC member Dr. Elisabeth A Kappos (FMH(Plast) and Fellow of EBOPRAS) who was recently awarded the Scholarship (Förderstipendium) of the Swiss Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at their annual meeting in Lausanne. This is to support her research to develop a clinical risk assessement tool for personalised autologous breast reconstruction after mastectomy. She was also awarded the “Young plastic surgeon scholarship” of the European Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at their 2016 annual meeting in Brussels. Dr. Elisabeth A Kappos is at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Hand surgery at the University Hospital Basel.
  • May 23 2016: Press release: Basel network for breast cancer research expands to Europe (in German)
  • April 27 2016: We are happy to welcome Prof. Nancy Hynes as a honorary member